What will Gravity PLUS do for you

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  1. Renee
    11 years ago

    that video was inspiring. I am in the same situation as you were, let what your saying be true!!

  2. Martha
    11 years ago

    I love your mind, Borino, view, your ideas, your conveying it, and the great information. Thank you. Looking for more!

  3. Simon Fowell
    11 years ago

    nice stuff. Keep doing these free videos please!

  4. Rob Dormia
    11 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve been sitting around the last few weeks saying ” Ok its time to make some big changes. I need a real income, not this slightly better than average hourly wage. ”
    Your story certainly inspires me and reminds me that if I want a real income , I’ve got to face the real risks and take the real actions. Time for a change!!!!!

  5. Jamie
    11 years ago

    that’s exactly my question: how do i get more business? i have one buyer and 1 listing… how does it grow from there to add new people who have never heard from us? I’m new in the business and need more income.
    Thank you.


  6. Adrianna Depena
    11 years ago

    Thats an interesting video, Borino. Just watching you is inspiring. Great stuff.

  7. Mike Andrew
    11 years ago

    I have a hard time convincing people that I really can do a good job for them. It’s difficult. What do I have to say?

  8. borino
    11 years ago

    Hey guys, thanks for the comments! Glad you liked the intro to Gravity and get inspired.

    Jamie – the answer is through effective marketing and effective communication. And the best part is, this stuff works even if you’re new.

    Rob – yes. The old ways do not work anymore. Time for an update 🙂

    Mike – you’re not alone. The problem is often trust and credibility. I will be posting another Gravity PLUS video on Friday on how to quickly built rapport – through mail, email, on the phone phone, and in person. I’ll send you a link.


  9. Jesse Stufflebeam
    11 years ago

    Great Information. I look forward to hearing more about the system.

  10. Marie Ellen Keeler
    11 years ago

    Borino, your story really pretty much similar of what I tried, you can name it as have been disastrous. I don’t know anything much about marketing, blogging, mail marketing and etc. Well I have been thinking, at least I did tried. it would be great with your tips can show me how can I do that.

  11. Jaqueline
    11 years ago

    I have been following you for a while and you seem very sincere, not the over hyping… My usual worry (and always seem to be correct) is that this will be another of those ‘High Priced’ items that 99% of us can’t afford to buy.

    The other thing when you don’t have a big list of past clients, or a big sphere of influence, to get the message out – how can you make it work?! It seems that for most of us online and prospecting fsbos and expireds is the only way to go.

    Hopefully my feelings are wrong and this won’t be another of those expensive investments and therefore all of us can access your knowledge and try and improve our business.

    Look forward to another video.



  12. borino
    11 years ago

    Thanks for the note, Jaqueline. I know lots of agents are starting out – or they are not where they’d like to be. Gravity PLUS will not be expensive. If you apply the techniques and principles you learn, you will see a quick and dramatic change in your business.

    And if you can’t get in due to the cost of the investment of because you miss the registration window… well, that’s why I’m puting out a lot of free content in the next few days.

    I figure that way, the people who can’t get in still have access to the free material.


  13. Kevin
    11 years ago

    I’ve always liked your ideas. I am an Exp+ customer. I am a agent for over 10 years and discouraged at present. I look forward to your new project, “Gravity”. I could use some help, ASAP. My market is very bad, and yes, some agents are thriving. Please show me how to improve my business.

  14. Jenny
    11 years ago

    Borino, when will the whole course be available? And do you already know what the cost of it will be? And what do you mean by “hypnosis”?

  15. borino
    11 years ago

    Thanks Kevin. I’m ready to help. I know the market is rough in many parts of the country. That’s why these tools are so important right now. It’s not just expireds any more.

    I absolutely believe you and others can do well, just like those successful agents in your area. And here is the best part: every Gravity student will have direct access to me through live calls. You can ask questions and go over details. I will make sure you’re getting results.


  16. borino
    11 years ago

    Hi Jenny,

    The registration will open on July 8 at noon Pacific Time. I will have more details for you in just a few days.

    As far as the hypnosis element, don’t worry, you don’t have to take a out a watch, look into the seller’s eyes and repeat “list with me, list with me” 😉
    Rather than giving you a bunch of theory behind the concepts, check out a video I’ll be posting early next week on Pattern Interrupts – a great and simple technique you can use right away.


    • Jenny
      11 years ago

      Borino…hmmmm…ok, I could just see us saying “you are getting very sleepy… now list with me!” LOL! You said “registration” would start July 8…so does that mean it will be an on line course?

  17. Jill Klunk
    11 years ago

    Good Morning Borino,
    Very inspiring video. So, how do I “start with gravity?”

    Jill Klunk

  18. borino
    11 years ago

    Thanks, Jill. Glad you like the videos so far. Here is how you can get started:
    Over the next few days I will be posting several Gravity videos from the actual course. Check them out.
    See if it’s for you.

    Then, on July 8 I’ll be opening registration. I’m only taking 100 agents so I can personally coach you guys and give you as much time and attention as you need. Hope you’ll join us!


  19. Ravi Minhas
    11 years ago

    Hi Borino,
    I could only watch the intro. Is there any more videos or this course is paid course?

  20. Greg
    11 years ago


    I’m glad to see you reinventing the techniques needed in this market… I am about to launch a telemarketing campaign and would love to hear how you would apply Gravity Plus to this type of cold call…

  21. borino
    11 years ago

    Hi Ravi, more free videos coming in the next couple of days. Just keep an eye on your inbox.


  22. borino
    11 years ago

    Hey Greg,
    Many of the techniques work very well over the phone: How to quickly develop trust and credibility, rapport and connection… Three critical elements that compel your prospect to take action now, and bunch more.

    I’ll be posting more videos. I’ll send you an email as soon as they’re up.


  23. Armando
    11 years ago

    Thank you for sharing and for giving us the opportunity to be successful in the real estate business. I know you can make tons of money if you take Gravity Plus on the road as a seminar like the other real estate gurus are doing. But you are sharing your knowledge with us one on one. Again thank you and God Bless!

  24. borino
    11 years ago

    Armando – thanks for the nice comment. Here is my business model – become successful by making bunch of others successful. Just like your business – help a bunch of people and you’ll do well. And I’ll show you how.

    Jenny – the “you’re getting sleepy” is the advanced course 🙂
    There is another video coming up that will walk you through the entire course: how it works, how much it is, what you get once you register, and all the good stuff you’ll learn.

  25. Danny
    11 years ago

    Great video, Borino. I was in Mike Ferry’s one on one coaching for two years and I like your direct approach. Finding customers and convincing them to buy and sell with us is the most important thing in this business (and the part that most real estate agents don’t want to do!).

    I’ll look for your Gravity Plus system next month … I’m always trying to improve and grow my business!

  26. Jeffrey Shapiro
    11 years ago

    Looking forward to the launch. Do you have any idea when?

    • borino
      11 years ago

      The registration will open on July 8, Jeffrey.


  27. Elizabeth Penna
    11 years ago

    Borino, thank you. I feel inspired just by watching the video. Give us more! 🙂

  28. Edith
    11 years ago

    Hi Borino,

    Thanks for the preview. Looks like Gravity will be thorough and just to the point an Agent needs to move on from being stuck especially in this hard market.

  29. Adriana
    11 years ago

    Your messages are always insiring and fun to watch. Please do what’re doing because you’re realy good at it. Thanks again!

  30. Julia
    11 years ago

    Hi Borino,
    What do you think about the Mike Ferry system in todays real estate market?
    I know his old students or agents are still following his system and making good business.

  31. bob
    11 years ago


    is that an earring in your left ear?

    also i congratulate you. you say you were an immigrant, and now you display the american flag on your desk. thank you.

  32. Patrick
    11 years ago

    This sounds exciting! I use a lot of NLP and love the results of just using the right words. Looking forward to the roll out! thanks

  33. borino
    11 years ago

    Julia – You’re right. Many principles Mike teaches are still applicable and agents who use them do well. Even it today’s market. You will recognize a couple of Mike’s strategies and modified scripts in Gravity PLUS.

    Bob – Good catch! Yep, it sure is. And thanks for the nice comment. I have to tell ya, the day I became a US citizen was one of the proudest days of my life.

    Patrick – that’s great. Gravity PLUS expands the NLP concepts quite a bit. We’ll also cover print, web, even emails with tons of examples. Check out the video on Pattern Interrupts next week.


  34. Greg
    11 years ago

    Alright Borino,
    Quit teasing me on this Gravity program. If I can get a moment to breathe I am going to get your expired program and use it for both residential single family and multifamily programs.

    Thanks for your personal e-mails.

    I have done this for 26 years, listed and sold over 200 multifamily projects and of those closed over 7500 units.

    But there is still a lot I can learn from you. I have been lazy the last 10 years, started with all the Mike Ferry/ Floyd Wickman seminars & training and loved it.

    But I want to get back to basics, build a diverse team with several income streams via three specific systems that dial into REO’s, Distressed projects/investors, and expireds.

    Look forward to working with you in the future.

  35. Melissa
    11 years ago

    Thank you so much for all your helpful real estate tips, they are greatly appreciated… I have been using your expireds plus letter and having great success.

    11 years ago


    11 years ago

    waiting for more information Thank you John