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This is perfect…. Straight from the Gravity PLUS play book. A powerful Connector Formula in action.

Bill from RE/MAX in Apple Valley, MN posted a great article on his blog about an expired listing. It works well because it has all the powerful marketing elements of persuasion and influence:

1. It’s specific. A real story about real sellers, with specific steps Bill took to get the house sold. Plus, Bill includes specific numbers and market statistics. This positions him as an expert.

2. It’s credible – using names and photo of the property makes the post more believable and real.

3. It has emotion. Bill describes the seller’s frustration with their previous agent (and no real results). Something EVERY seller can relate to.

4. It’s result-oriented. Property sold in just 22 days (again, being specific ads credibility) and for a great price. Exactly what each seller is hoping for.

I would add a clearer call to action with a benefit at the end of the post, but it’s a minor thing. You can follow the same pattern and use the Connector Formula on your blog, your site, in an email, even turn it into a direct mail piece.

Here is the link.


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